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Gypsum Floors of Denver, LLC was established in 2003.  Owner, William D. Brown, started in the floor underlayment business in 1989 in Madison, Wisconsin.  During the last 22 years, Bill has installed millions of square feet of Hacker Floor Underlayments and sound control mat.  Gypsum Floors of Denver, LLC has a proven track record of providing quality installations of gypsum concrete floor underlayments, sound mat and hardrock concrete.  The company specializes in fire and sound rated systems for multi-family projects, custom homes and commercial level-ups. 

As the industry evolved, acoustical sound mat was installed underneath the gypsum concrete to reduce noise from units above and to raise the level of fire ratings.  Bill was at the fore front of this evolution and has installed over a million square feet of varies types of sound mat. 

In 2005, Gypsum Floors of Denver, LLC became a distributor for Ecore (formerly Dodge Regupol) for the Rocky Mountain Regions.  Ecore produces QTscu and QTrbm sound mat which is made from 100% recycled tires.  Click on suppliers and QT for detailed information regarding this product. Call Bill for estimates and lead times.

In the recent couple of years there has been a high demand for the restoration of apartment light weight concrete sub-floors and underlayment for older apartment buildings.  Gypsum Floors has torn out old concrete and repoured gypsum concrete in dozens of apartment buildings throughout Colorado. Check out the brochure: http://keenebuilding.com/media/documents/quiet-qurl-soft/keene-apartment-floor-solutions-4pager.pdf

Bill is extremely knowledgeable in all ranges of floor assemblies.  He is more then willing to discuss any issues you may have as well as answer any questions regarding your need for gypsum concrete underlayment and/or sound control. 

Location:  14700 W. 66th Place, Unit # 1  Arvada, CO 80004

Phone # : 303-940-9850

Fax #: 303-940-0634

E-mail: gfod@gypsumfloors.net